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CourageJD, Nickmercs, Ninja, SypherPK , and TimtheTatman are joining forces to create an ambitious Battle Royale inside of UEFN.

The Squad

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A Battle Royale Made in UEFN

We're a band of friends, gamers, and fellow content creators that are passionate about Battle Royales. Since 2016, we’ve played every BR on the market, competed at the highest level, and collectively built an audience and community of over 140 million people. We know what makes a Battle Royale great.


With the launch of Unreal Editor for Fortnite in March 2023, it sparked inspiration in all of us. Immediately, we huddled together to brainstorm and all came to the same conclusion: let's create our own Battle Royale with the power of UEFN.


So we’re uniting our communities and pooling our resources to do just that.  And we want to do it right. 

We’ll be taking our time to develop this game as features for UEFN become more powerful and flexible. With custom weapons, a full scale map, fluid movement and unique mechanics in our sights, we have ambitious plans to build something really unique. While we can't give away too many details about the game just yet, here's what we can tell you: Project VFN will be a game that puts community feedback and features front and center. We believe that our players should have a say in shaping the game they play.


So, what’s next? The heart of Project VFN is our community, so we’ll need your feedback and votes to shape our game. To make sure your voice is heard and to stay up-to-date on development, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter! And if you share this vision as a game developer, Fortnite creative expert, or just someone who loves making games, check out our open roles to join the team!

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